Relationship Communications

On April 16 at 7:00pm I will be giving a presentation on relationship communications at the Mountainview Wellness Centre. Mountainview is located at 3566 King George Blvd, in Surrey BC.

Dysfunctional Communication:  When Words Fail Me.

Dysfunctional Communication: When Words Fail Me.

The focus of this talk is to explore the nature of dysfunctional communications in relationships and how we can change it. The pieces of this frequently difficult issue are many and problematic. I will be laying out the components of communication based on scenarios that occur in most households. This includes the individual’s characteristics, environmental conditions, experientially learned behaviours, vulnerability, fears, values and beliefs and the list goes on. If you are facing challenges in your relationships, this presentation may help to know where to go next. Once we have a handle on what is occurring in a problematic relationship, can make conscious choices about where we go with it. So often we simply believe that difficult issues will just sort themselves out. This is a default position and it seldom works.
I warmly invite you to attend this presentation.
You may sign up for this presentation by phoning the Mountainview Wellness Center at 604-538-8837