Youth Counselling


Feeling like you’ve had enough of living, have a plan to do this, have a means to do it. STOP AND CALL FOR HELP.  911 for emergency services.  250-591-1640 for me. or any other counselor or doctor.  You may think that there is no one who can help you, but you’d be wrong.  When you get to a desperate state, and there is a feeling of absolute helplessness, you need help to get out of the bog.  If you were trapped in quicksand and couldn’t get out you would need to ask for help, it’s no different with suicidal thinking.  Call emergency services or myself  NOW, and everyone and their dog is going to  throw you a rope, stick, vine, telephone, etc. and help you get out of that sinking black place.  I mean it.

Dynamics, Nothing Stays the Same, Ever!

As a youth, you may be going through on of the most difficult times in your life.  Everything is changing or appears to be changing, your body, your mind, your emotions, your environment, your social groups, your future. Getting overloaded, confused, anxious and depressed, call me.  The answers to most important questions start with you and I can help you find them. I can help you learn to stay afloat in this constantly changing world, inside and out.  Don’t give up.

What On Earth is Happening Here, Grappling with Anxiety and Depression

Through dealing with the staff at schools in the lower mainland it is becoming apparent that many youth, as many as 25%, are facing issues with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. It has been confirmed that these issues are on the rise. In my practice I am increasing my focus on young people given the need. My approach is to work with the totality of the person’s life, environment, friends, family, needs, spirituality, and internal emotional and thinking patterns of values and beliefs. I frequently meet young people who have lost sight of their future, or perhaps never even had a vision of it. There is often a lack of motivation for engaging in life. Part of my goal is to help young people find perspective in their lives so that they are able to move forward. I can help them evaluate and challenge their own values and beliefs, so that their choices in life are more clearly defined.

The life of a youth is often rife with paradox and uncertainty. One of the most critical elements of my counselling practice is to instill courage. Again and again I see young people fleeing the difficulties in their lives through drugs and alcohol, avoidance, addiction, distraction, isolation, and self abuse. Where do we find the courage to walk into the jaws of life, and move past the fear of the unknown? Is is one of my primary tasks in my work to challenge the young people’s perception which often does not reflect the reality. In my work, I look at the youth’s difficulties systemically and incorporated the family and support network.