Individual Counselling

What Are You Looking For

Here’s my guess, love, acceptance, security, trust, support, happiness, satisfaction, and this needs  list goes on.  Sometimes in life we feel like we have none or few of the items on this list or that finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  If you’ve come to this page, and you’re still reading and not just looking at the picture you might want to come and see me.  I can most certainly help you develop the tools and perspectives to locate those elusive “needles in the haystack”  I have a lifetime of experience, an intuitive character and the skills to aid you in creating a meaningful life.

The Process

In individual therapy I will work with you one on one with respect to whatever issues you would like to work on.  As a reality, it may be difficult to state exactly what the problem is, but if you are feeling uncomfortable in your living and or relationships and want to find out, the counselling process can be a very creative and healing process.  It is important to recognize that as a counselor I won’t “fix” you, that’s your job.  My part is to give you tools, techniques and perspectives so that you can come to terms with you and your world.   The answers to most of your questions and concerns reside in you, it may just be that the answers are hidden or camouflaged .  Together we can begin to unravel the emotions, thinking, environments, social interactions, finance, spirit, and physical aspects of your life that are causing you so much trouble.  Difficulties may include anxiety, depression, marital problems, frustration, sadness, self worth, fear, uneasiness, grief, anger, and so forth.   If you have the motivation and desire to do so, we can  examine, explore and find solutions to your issues in an environment that is confidential, and non-judgmental.