Couples Counselling

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If you have found this page, there is a good chance you want to have a better relationship with someone, either that or you’re just lucky. What is it you are looking for with your partner, good communication, intimacy, trust, love, understanding, support or all of these. Helping you find this with your partner is one of my specialties in counselling. How do we get there? Well, that depends a great deal on what your relationship looks like right now. in this process, we work together to find out how your current relationship works or fails to work. Then we begin to look at all the pieces of this intricate puzzle and discover ways to correct the ones that don’t fit. Each couple I work with is unique, and therefore the solutions to your particular relationship will be unique as well. Have hope and seek help.

The Relationship Puzzle

In relationships, there are three basic elements, you, your partner, and the relationship itself. How hard can it be to put three puzzle pieces together, sometimes excruciatingly hard.  Why is this?   Well, the chances that you and your partner have the identical values and beliefs is incredibly small.  You come from different families, different environments and have different characteristic traits. It would be pretty boring if we didn’t.  However, it is these differences, often unspoken or assumed that can wreck havoc in a relationship.  Some of the symptoms of these differences are: anxiety, fear, depression, anger, hostility, abandonment, avoidance, intimacy difficulties, and cheating.  When we are unaware of our own and partner’s internal architecture, its as though the puzzle pieces are turned upside down so we can’t see how it should all fit together. My job is to help you turn over the pieces and find the color, warmth and texture of each piece. We all want to have meaningful, warm and loving relationships and there’s no reason you can’t have it.   If you feel uncertain or doubtful with this possibility, I can certainly relate, but try counselling anyway, you’ll be glad you did.