Walker Counselling and Psychotherapy

My goal as a counsellor is to help you get to a better place in your life. I will bring all of my experience,knowledge and relatedness to to help achieve this end.

“There are no shortcuts to creation” Van Der Post

Are you seeking counselling?

Chances are that if you are reading this page you or someone you know are currently going through difficult times or are unsatisfied with life. You may feel overwhelmed or frustrated with unresolved issues and feel unable to deal with the challenges life has presented to you. You may be suffering from depression, anxiety, frustration, sadness, helplessness, or other issues.


We all want some very basic elements in our lives, we all want;

Love, Care, Understanding, Acceptance and Safety for ourselves and for others

I can help you get there.

It is so often the case that we do not seek help until we are in a desperate situation, emotionally or otherwise. Don’t wait to seek help thinking that the situation will “fix itself”. I observe so many people, young and old alike, who are alone in their internal suffering and do not realize that counselling services are available and that counselling helps. Preventative therapy work can often offset or reduce the impact of a stressful situation before it becomes unmanageable.

I bring my professional training, relatedness as a human being and by breadth of experience to bear in helping you.

This site provides information to help you decide whether you require counselling and whether I am a suitable practitioner for you.