Dream Work

One of the approaches to counselling that I use with some clients is that of dream work. In psycho speak generally called analytical psychology. This therapy as the name suggest is working with the symbols of our dreams to make some sense of our day to day reality. I hasten to add that while all of us dream, we do not all have the capacity to recall these dreams or to be able to what they might have to say to us. However, if you do dream these can figuratively be a gold mine of self knowledge. It is important to recognize that dreams are not separate from us just because we seem to have no control over them. Rather they appear to be a part of our unconscious process which is fed by our daily living and interactions.  Conversely we could turn this around and say that what we do in our daily living and interaction is affected by our unconscious life. This oscillation between the conscious and unconscious realities, which in primitive cultures is commonly accepted, appears to be a novelty in western culture. By working with the totality of the conscious ‘reality ” and our unconscious world, we can become more aware of: where we are now, where we could be (our potential) and even how to achieve our greater potential.